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We install a lot of stone countertops; mainly Granite, Marble, Quartz and Soapstone. The stones that we work with are purchased in slabs. We created this site ("Pacremnants,") as an offshoot of "Pacgranite."

If you are entertaining working on a smaller project than say, a larger kitchen or bathroom countertop, and are going to be doing the work yourself, then by viewing what we have listed for sale here, it's more than likely we have, or can get for you a remnant of that stone, and it should please you.

By selecting any of the above menu choices for a stone from the "Material Selector" you will be brought to a page with pictures of different stones. You can then select any of the pictures and an enlarged picture will pop up.

If something "strikes your fancy," then telephone, fax or email us to see if what you see is still available. We'll be adding new items regularly.

Granite remnants is a term that refers to the leftovers that stone manufactures are left with after cutting slabs for large countertops, tiling and other jobs. That being the case, this isn't a material that is suitable if you're looking for say, a huge solid slab kitchen countertop. If you're in the market for something smaller, however, granite leftovers can be a very cost effective way to add class and top grade material to many common home improvements.

During the process of fabricating marble countertops, marble wholesalers often have pieces left over. These marble remnants, cut away from larger slabs, are typically too small to use for countertops, so retailers and marble wholesalers sell these at a lower cost. While they're too small for your countertop, marble remnants have many other uses around your home or office.

Like Granite and Marble, when Quartz is fabricated for larger projects, those slabs are cut according to the size and design of the specific project. Because the material is cut from such large slabs, there is almost always a piece left over from the original block. These leftover pieces become "Remnants."

Soapstone, which is also known as steatite and soaprock is a type of metamorphic rock and is known for its usefulness in a wide variety of materials. Metamorphic rock is created as a result of high levels of heat and pressure acting on a rock type called the "protolith." Soapstone is formed from the transformation of protoliths, like dolostone and serpentinite, by extremely high pressures at tectonic plate boundaries. Soapstone is used for kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, bathroom vanities, and many other purposes.