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Our Services

Countertop Crack Repairs
All of a sudden you notice a crack in your countertop?  Don’t fret, cracks are our specialty!  Let us repair your Corian, Granite, Solid Surface or Engineered Stone/Quartz crack today!  All repairs are completed right in the convenience of your home, and in most cases a countertop repair takes only 3-6 hours from start to finish!
Sink Replacements and Upgrades
Tired of your old, outdated sink?  Ready for a replacement?  We can replace your existing sink for any new model of your choice.  The sink replacement process is completed right in your home and only takes 3-5 hours to complete! Contact us now to work with our team of highly trained estimators to pick out your new sink today from our large variety of options!
Countertop Chip Repairs
Are you experiencing chips and nicks on the edges or surface of your countertops? We know how annoying they can be, especially around your sink! Contact us today to have your countertops repaired, looking and feeling brand new again in no time! We work on all types of surfaces – Corian, Granite, Engineered Stone/Quartz and Solid Surface.
Granite/Engineered Stone Buff & Polish
Has your Granite countertop lost its shine? Let our professionals restore your Granite counters back to their original brilliance and natural beauty. Our specialized Granite buff & polishing method removes dullness, blotchy areas, water marks and stains. We can even re-seal your Granite to make sure your counters are protected!
New Appliance Accommodation
Uh-oh! Did you just purchase a new refrigerator or range and all of a sudden realize your countertops need to be adjusted?  Not to worry, we can help!  Call us today to have your countertop adjusted to fit any new appliance. Need a faucet hole added or need one plugged? We do that too!
Silicone/Caulk Replacement
Does your Granite countertop have unsightly seams? Or, is your silicone old and hard to clean?  We can renew your countertop seams and silicone in just an hour or two!  Our products are waterproof, flexible and mildew resistant.  Oh and not to mention, we can match any color countertop!
Granite and Quartz Imperfections
Did you just purchase a new home and the Granite countertops have large noticeable blotches or imperfections that are not covered under warranty?  Guess what, this is one of our most popular services!  We specialize in removing inconsistencies and imperfections in your counters.
Granite Sealer Application
Want to be sure your Granite countertop is sealed properly and effectively? Let our professionals handle it! In just an hour or two, we can seal your granite the correct way to ensure you are living bacteria free

Other services that we also do:

*Stainless Steel Sink Detachment Repairs
*Solid Surface Burn Mark Removal
*Engineered Stone/Quartz &Granite Modifications
*Solid Surface Sink Crack Repairs
*Granite Repairs
*Quartz Repairs
*Solid Surface Repairs
*Pitting/Porosity Repairs
*Seam Repairs
*Shower Wall Repairs
  *Covered Backsplash Repairs  
*RV Countertop Repairs
*Yacht & Boat Countertop Repairs
*Vertical Wall Repairs
*Vanity Repairs

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